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2018 Luxury Designs

2018 Luxury Designs

We’ve kept an eye out for some of the top luxury designs and must haves so far in 2018! We’ve rounded out the following list with some of our favorites to help you plan your new home!  


At-home, by-the-glass wine taps are on the must have list for luxury kitchens.  New wine appliances provide wine preservation with an automatic system that controls temperature and prevents oxygen exposure during storage. These countertop, built-in devices can feature an internal camera that scans the label of an inserted bottle and, detects the wine’s vintage, varietal, region, winery, and ideal serving conditions. Cheers to that!


For the design-focused, the television, other than its source of entertainment, can be a visual eyesore, completely taking away from a well thought out design. As TVs have increased in size, the challenge of creating a design around them has become more of a challenge as well. But perhaps no longer, as Samsung recently launched a new suite of QLED televisions with ambient mode, a setting on all its sets that blends the televisions into their surroundings. Ambient mode can display art. But most appealing is the capability to mimic its background, essentially creating a custom camouflage that blends the television into the wall. 


Marble has paved the way for luxury over the last decade or more, but concrete has pushed its way into the design world and isn’t going anywhere.

Concrete gives a sleek industrial element to a home and can project as being extremely luxurious when paired with other bold accents, such as the wallpaper mentioned above. Affordable but impactful, concrete paves the way for new finishes and textures to evolve.


While white-washed wood and a light natural unfinished look are two of the most common, don’t be too quick to write off the oak-y heavily grained finishes. Designers are also turning to cerused wood, which entails using white pigment to fill in and better show the unique grain lines of the wood, creating more interest and texture.


We have seen, white, greys, and neutral take over the design scene with the surge of minimalism, but with retro style and a heavy art deco influence, rich and moody colors are back and more powerful than ever.

To prevent dating a home too quickly, stick to slightly saturated reds, oranges, deeper blues, and mossy greens. Per House Beautiful, deeper gem tones and metals with wood accents and white contrast modernizes your home with beautiful color that isn’t too overwhelming.


Along with the cerused and washed wood looks, other natural elements are becoming a huge part of luxury design. These timeless fundamentals create a clean space that also last much longer down the road.

Stone, exposed brick, and woven textures in the decor, create an earthy and sustainable feel to your home while not losing any design or creative components. The look of luxury, plus a design that is beautiful and lasting and we’re sold.


For years, wallpaper was something you possibly only saw in your grandmother’s living room, but wallpaper has had a makeover in recent years. Bold and modern prints with hints of metallic have made their way onto the scene along with rich accent colors that add an eye-catching pop to any room.

Don’t fret, wallpaper isn’t being plastered over every wall in the house these days, but is used as a tasteful accent or added texture. Using wallpaper on only one wall in the bedroom can create a headboard style accent wall or a perfect addition to a dressing room.

If these trends have you thinking about planning your new luxury home, check out for available homes and more information!

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