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2017 Brick Trends

2017 Brick Trends

Are you building a new home or on the search for a house that fits your personal style? One thing to keep in mind is the current trends in exterior brick. Brick is a staple for many homes and comes in a variety of forms and colors. It also has several different placement options to give the exterior of your home the exact look you want.

According to the Brick Industry Association, trends in exterior brick for 2017 include: whites, greys and lighter colors, thin brick, rustic and weathered textures, and larger brick sizes.

Lighter colors of brick are breaking the most common practice of using darker brick for the exterior of the home. These lighter brick colors such as white and gray open up endless possibilities to fit your home’s aesthetic. Brick being made to look distressed and washed out are also big trends in 2017. These new colors and brick forms offer a more rustic look to the home.

Thin brick is perhaps the most popular trend in brick today. It seems as though homeowners and builders around the world are wanting a thinner brick to make the home have a more unique and modern look. 

Find more information on 2017 brick trends, check out what the Brick Industry Association had to say about the topic.

No matter what brick trend you follow or want in your home, Robuck Design Build is here to make your house fit your every style need. Find your dream house today!



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