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Prepare Your Home For Winter To Save Money And Stay Warm

Prepare Your Home For Winter To Save Money And Stay Warm

With the forecasted polar vortex bringing freezing temperatures across the country, it’s time to think about preparing your home for winter to save money and remain cozy. Here are a few easy ways to help:

Change Filters

It's important to remember to replace or clean filters once a month during the heating season. Dirty filters can restrict airflow and increase energy demand.

Run Fans in Reverse

Most people think of ceiling fans to keep you cool, but just switch them to clockwise rotation and air pooled near the ceiling (hot air rises!) will circulate down to your living space. This can help cut heating costs as much as 10 percent!

Program the Thermostat

It's easy to forget to turn down the heat when you leave your home, but doing so can save money. As much as 50 to 70 percent of energy costs go to heating and cooling, so don't pay for something you aren’t using. For every degree a thermostat is lowered during heating season, you'll save between one and three percent of your heating bill. Make it easier with a programmable thermostat, which can save the average family $180 a year! 

Clean Rain Gutters

Having clean gutters not only makes a home look nice, but it can also help prevent the build-up of ice on your roof. The faster that water can drain away, the less likely it is to melt and then refreeze on your roof or under your shingles.

In addition, clean gutters reduce the risk of mold in your home.

Insulate Pipes and Hot Water Heater

If your pipes and hot water heater aren’t insulated, it’s a relatively easy project that can help cut water heating costs this winter, especially if your water pipes run through a chilly or unheated basement. According to the Department of Energy, insulating your hot water pipes can help raise the temperature 2 to 4 degrees. This can allow you to get piping hot water on a lower setting, saving you both energy and money.

For more information on winterizing your home, check out these tips from the Department of Energy.

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